Curriculum Intent

At Trinity C of E Primary Academy, our intent is to provide a bespoke curriculum that offers exciting and meaningful, learning opportunities that engage and motivate all learners in a curriculum that embraces the community and recognises local culture and heritage.

We place a strong emphasis on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development for all of our pupils, which are underpinned by our Motto ‘Together as One’ and our Christian values of Commitment, Consideration and Co-operation. 

At Trinity C of E Primary Academy, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all pupils engage in a broad and balanced curriculum that develops their knowledge, skills and understanding. We are proud of our diversity and we openly celebrate and welcome differences and ensure that every child is recognised as a unique individual so that we can cater for their learning needs. We strive to ensure our curriculum is progressive, stimulating and relevant for our children whilst also ensuring that it incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. 

Our children leave the school with a strong sense of belonging to its community, where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become life-long learners.

Curriculum Implementation

Leaders, staff and pupils at all levels have contributed to the school’s curriculum provision and design. Every area of learning has clear expectations so that staff know the intent behind the subject, how it will be implemented and how successful implementation will be evidenced in pupils’ outcomes (Impact).

Our curriculum is designed with our children at the heart of it so that they engage with subject specific skills within themed topics and a wide range of enrichment activities that we feel all children should experience. The school has outlined the experiences we feel all children should have the right to experience and plan such activities to engage learners in our chosen planned topics.

Curriculum Impact

The wellbeing, social, moral, spiritual and cultural values we instil in our pupils helps to ensure that pupils leave with a strong sense of what is right, what is wrong and an ability to make informed decisions in the best interests of themselves and others around them.

When our children move on to secondary education not only will they understand their role in society, they will have a sense of purpose and belonging in our community and the wider world. Our children will be equipped with a skillset that will support their transition and build upon the educational attributes that have been instilled in them on their journey through Trinity. 

As a result, of an effective curriculum, our pupils will know more and will be able to do more. The impact of the school’s intended and effectively implemented curriculum is evidenced in the progress that pupils make, in their end of year outcomes.